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10 Top Freelancing Skills in demand – Working from Home

by Amna Jamil
Top Freelancing Skills

Freelancing is no more a “side hustle” or a way for you to earn money during unemployment. It’s now possible to make a full-time salary from the convenience of your own home. The internet and technology make it possible to find online employment. There are many benefits to being self-employed, including a better work-life balance, higher pay and job satisfaction. Freelancing can sound great but it’s important that you know which career is right for you and where you should start. 10 top demand freelancing skills were compiled by us after we looked into every possible job. Find your perfect role as a freelancer today. Here are Top Freelancing Skills in demand

Creative writing:

All businesses and websites need content writers who can provide SEO content to rank their websites on a search engine, so content writing has an increasing scope with the increase in online learning and business trends.

Data Entry/ Virtual Assistant:

Data entry and virtual assistance are simplest and the basic skill which is always in demand and has great competition.

Animations /Video Creation:

Video content has increased in value than ever. The audience gets easily engaged with videos than with the written content, so video making, editing, and converting text and audio into video are highly in-demand skills. 


SEO is a skill to rank your content or website on a Search engine. SEO (search engine optimization), requires learning the basic technique of how an algorithm of search engine works to rank some work on top. 

Social Media Marketing/ Digital Marketing:

With the increase in the use of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, etc. people tend to promote their businesses online on different social sites to reach the potential audience. For this, they need a social media marketing manager or a digital marketer who can help them get the audience and clients.

Software Development:

New software is always required and the old one needs to get updated. For this, software development skill is always in demand, highly paid and a major skill to learn and serve.

Website development:

Website development is highly in demands skill and its need is continuously increasing as the businesses are shifting online and they all need a website. 

So regardless of the platform website development is a highly paid freelancing skill.

Graphic Designing:

Graphics are needed everywhere whether you are running a physically existing business or an online shop you need to hire a graphic designer for engaging the audience and making yourself a brand. From logo to business cards, ads, flyers, invitations, product packaging, and all print media needs a graphic designer. A graphic designer converts your dream into visuals and helps you attract a potential audience. 

WordPress Development

With the increase in blog writing, this skill is no doubt high in demand. Easy to learn and quick to serve skill.

Voice Talent:

Dubbing/voice-overs, audiobooks, e-learning, video games, telephone service, animations, etc. all of these need voice talent. If you are good in some language and have a good accent you are eligible for the job. 

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