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Apple Market valuation Hits 700 billion dollars

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Apple's market valuation hits 700 billion dollars

When looking for a clear understanding of Apple $700 billion market value, you need to think a little bigger. How old is it?

According to the Unshared News team, Apple’s stock price has risen 230 times from its closing price on the first day of listing in 1980. The market value has expanded 500 times. When the Nasdaq Composite Index peaked in 2000, the market values ​​of Microsoft Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. were 25 times and 12 times higher than Apple, respectively. Today, the market value of Apple is 1.78 times that of Microsoft and 1.75 times that of Exxon Mobil.

So, suppose you are Apple market chief executive officer Tim Cook, and you decide to take the money out and have some fun, what can you buy? How big is Apple?

Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook

More than the value of the Grand Canyon. In fact, the entire national park system of Arizona, where this well-known canyon is located, has only brought about $700 million in revenue for the state.

Higher than the value of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is worth less than $2 billion.

More than the latest naval power. You only need to spend about 13 billion US dollars (and this is the result of a cost overrun that caused the price to rise from the initial 5 billion US dollars) to buy the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Sports are beyond the reach. Approximately $66 billion can buy all the four major American sports leagues-NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Beyond the scale of the banking industry, at least the European banking industry. Apple’s market value is higher than the combined market value of the 30 largest banks in the Eurozone, but this has been the case since at least 2011.

According to latest tech news more than Alibaba Group (Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., with a market value of US$283 billion), Facebook Inc. (US$206 billion), Cisco Systems (Cisco Systems Inc., US$138 billion), and Hewlett-Packard Co. (Hewlett-Packard Co., US$70 billion)’S total market capitalization.

In fact, it is hard for us to think of anything worth more than Apple. We have to start looking at the national level. If Apple’s market value is a gross domestic product (GDP) number (this is just for comparison), it will be the world’s 20th largest economy, higher than Switzerland ($631 billion) and behind Saudi Arabia ($711 billion).

In fact, if Cook wants to, he can easily buy the cowardly lion costumes ($3 million) and “Bourneaux” (The Wizard of Oz), both sold at auction this week. Sam’s piano ($3.4 million) in Casablanca-110,000 times.

It needs to be mentioned that the current total market capitalization of Apple’s capital is about 760 billion US dollars. In other words, according to Katy Huberty’s prediction, Apple market value will increase more than three times in the next five years. The reason why this analyst dared to be so “not ashamed” is because she believes that no company can pose a threat to Apple’s three new product lines: Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple Car.

Huberty said that Apple is now having a subtle impact on consumers: their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac products have taken up a lot of user time. Therefore, she believes that after Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Car come out, consumers will find that they are more dependent on Apple.

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