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Health Benefits Of Burning Incense

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Health Benefits Of Burning Incense

Health Benefits Of Burning Incense, Health is wealth is a famous phrase to which we all often listen and say. Yes, it’s true, and people should be aware of how to take care of their health. Whether it’s physical health or mental health If you are not healthy, even if your lifestyle is not healthy, then it can cause trouble for you. In a world of chaos, when everyone is running behind their goals without taking any breaks, it can cause troubles with your health issues, especially your mental health, which will suffer more. So if you are going through stress and anxiety, don’t ignore this problem and adopt some good habits to get rid of stress and anxiety. Lucky for us, we live in a world where every problem has a solution.

People do take care of their mental health, which is why some techniques that have been around for centuries are still being practised today for stable mental health, such as yoga and meditation. For mental health care, there are now multiple therapies and practises that have been introduced by psychiatrists that help reduce stress and anxiety. such as aromatherapy, which is basically done with the help of a pleasant aroma or fragrance. You might have multiple questions in your mind about how these fragrances are helpful in reducing stress, and here you will find all the answers So first, let’s discuss how the fragrances are so effective for better mental health.

Fragrances and mental health

Fragrances leave a very effective and long-term memory in our minds. If you have smelled some fragrance somewhere or during some event, the next time you smell the same fragrance, your mind will immediately remind you of that same event or that same memory. This whole psychological effect is caused by that fragrance, which is the loophole of that specific event and memory, and it will immediately connect your mind toward your memories and affect your mood thereupon. So fragrances have a strong psychological effect on your mental health. You might have experienced the same thing often. Another fact about fragrances is that if you smell a fragrance, whether you like it or hate it, you never forget that fragrance.

Basically, our mind associates different things with some specific events; for example, our mind associates place with some events that happened before in life, just like our mind associates these fragrances with some memories, and after inhaling that specific fragrance again, the same memory hits your mind. The fragrance that is associated with good memories becomes the favourite. Your favourite fragrance always made your day amazing; if you are smelling it, then your mood will be pleasant, you will have clarity of emotions in your mind, your mind will be relaxed and calm, and it will boost your process of thought. That’s why in multiple therapies, fragrances play a significant role.

Fragrance and meditation

Meditation and yoga are two of the oldest practices that people have been doing for centuries. They are so effective that every person suffering from stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders is suggested to do regular meditation and yoga. Because meditation has many benefits, such as

  • Meditation helps a lot with positive thoughts.
  • Meditation helps with a better sleep cycle.
  • It also helps in bettering the thought process.
  • It helps to stay balanced in life.
  • It helps to stay focused.
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It helps in reducing negative emotions.
  • It increases the creativity of the mind.
  • It increases the patients’ tolerance for unfavourable situations.
  • It also reverses the ageing process.

Meditation has all these and many more benefits. When you join a meditation, you may notice some kind of fragrance due to some essential oils or incense. The fragrance of incense plays a vital role during meditation.

Incense during meditation

For new practitioners who don’t have any experience in meditation, this is quite unknown. So having so many thoughts in mind, all the newcomers lack focus during meditation. So their first practices are always unfocused. For the convenience of these people, incense has been

introduced so that they could focus on their meditation while inhaling the fragrance of incense. The question arises here of how incense helped in focusing during meditation. So the answer is that when someone does meditation for the very first time, it is really hard for them to get rid of all the thoughts going through their mind, so the meditation experts tell them to just close their eyes and try to focus on inhaling the fragrance of incense. That’s how they start focusing on the practice of inhaling the fragrance, and their mind relaxes.

Many meditation centres have a collection of this incense, and they use them on a daily basis. So all the meditation centres have a specific type of atmosphere in which meditation becomes easier and more effective, but this may be expensive for some people. Because some people cannot afford these lavish and expensive mediation centres, what can they do? So for those people, you don’t need to worry; you can do meditation at home easily. You just need to follow these tips for the best meditation experience.

  1. Firstly, you need to choose a meditation corner in your home or in your room.
  2. Clean that place properly.
  3. You need to wear uncomfortable clothes during meditation.
  4. To stay focused, which is very important in meditation, buy an incense burner. 5. Place the incense burner somewhere safe and burn the incense.
  5. Choose the incense of your choice only so that the experience of meditation goes fabulous.

Which incense burners are good for meditation?

Every incense burner is good and suitable for meditation. But waterfall incense is so amazing that, except for focus, it has an amazing visualised impact on the mind. The way of burning incense on it and how the smoke falls to the edges of this burner is just so amazing to visualise. So it is not only for hoisting a burning incense, but it also shows the image of calm and focused behaviour. So I only recommend this.


Mental health care is so important, so adopt ones. all the good habits and do meditation regularly using incense. So take care of yourself and you’re loved.

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