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Why is the peloton screen not working? – According to experts

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Why is the peloton screen not working?

If your Peloton’s screen isn’t working, you’ll be able to find answers in our tutorial on peloton troubleshooting. Furthermore, you do not require the assistance of an expert to handle peloton bike and tread typical issues.

It is the most prevalent issue that individuals confront, and it must be addressed. On the screen, Peloton displays your performance graph. The procedures listed below are effective for 90% of people. Let’s get started!


My peloton screen not working – Troubleshoot


Restart the Peloton Bike

The bike may cease operating for various reasons, and the peloton screen won’t turn on. The bike has no technical issues and only needs to be restarted.

To restart your bike, follow these procedures.

  1. The bike will switch off if you press the power button for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Now hold your breath for around 23- 40 seconds.
  3. Please reconnect the Peloton to the power source and turn it on again.
  4. The bike will resume regular operation.


Check the Connection

The bike’s screen is missing, not due to a mechanical issue. The bike’s power supply may be faulty. Here’s how to troubleshoot the power supply connection step by step.

  1. Make that the power supply cord is in good working order.
  2. If it’s not plugged in or is missing, tap it immediately to turn on the screen.
  3. If the problem persists, clean the jack.
  4. Apply a brush to the jack and gently massage it.
  5. Now connect it to a power source and test it to see whether it works.


Check Fuse

Because a peloton is an android machine, it may be destroyed by an electric surge, much like other android devices, thus not connecting it to the power source.

So, if a fuse is blown, examine it and replace it with a new one. Furthermore, always use power strips to connect the Peloton to the power supply. These are life-saving equipment that may be purchased for a reasonable price.


Factory Reset

Another simple approach for resolving the problem is to do a factory reset. For example, the Peloton will assist you with the following procedures through email.

  1. You must simultaneously press and hold the power button and the top volume button.
  2. The power button must now be removed.
  3. You may utilise the volume down button and the navigation button simultaneously. You can quickly delete the device’s data and do a factory reset.
  4. To wipe all data generating issues in your device, hold down the power button while pressing the power button.
  5. To erase all user data, you must select the yes option.
  6. You may now use the swipe up the option to restart the entire Peloton’s system.
  7. Now is the time to reset.
  8. The peloton logo will display on the screen, and you will have the option to factory reset everything.


Peloton Customer Support

However, if the bike still does not operate after the reset, a technical problem must be addressed as soon as possible. So please don’t do anything without first consulting a professional.

Because you may endanger the Peloton, call customer service, share all of your issues with them, and follow their advice, and the bike screen will begin to function.

All of these ways should help you figure out why your Peloton screen isn’t turning on and how to fix it.


Visit Nearby Store

If the bike still doesn’t function, don’t do anything at home that you aren’t comfortable with. Request a bike inspection from a local peloton specialist.

If you open any part, it will be difficult to reassemble it; therefore, don’t try it yourself. Similarly, ensure that the technician is a specialist who is familiar with the Peloton’s ins and outs.



If the technician advises you to replace a spare component or a screen, its inner parts may get damaged and cease operating; search for the warranty card.

A 12-month warranty from Peloton covers all parts. They will replace the expired part with a new one without asking for payment if you have a warranty term available.



First and foremost, make sure that all connections are secure. If everything appears in order, but the screen remains unresponsive, restart the Peloton. Furthermore, the peloton screen frequently begins to function after a factory reset.

If none of the ways is working, you should seek professional assistance. Keep the screen out of the reach of youngsters at all times. Please ask them in the comments area below if you have any questions.

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