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The Curly Struggle: Wolf Cut Edition

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Wolf Cut Curly Hai

Wolf Cuts Curly Hair

This odd cross between a shag and a mullet has grabbed TikTok by surprise, with the topic amassing 546 million views and growing. The extremely daring DIY haircut which can be done at home involves tying hair up into a ponytail and snipping it off bit by bit on a skew. However, TikTok influencers aren’t the only ones who are appreciating the fad; even real celebs are joining in on the fun. Billie Eilish stunned audiences after she unveiled a blonde disheveled variation on the wolf cut a few months earlier, and Miley Cyrus has been sporting the look for at least a year.

Wolf Cut Curly Hair Problem

While it may seem that such a hairstyle might not be suited to curly hair due to the fear of frizz. However, the fact of the matter is, the haircut can look just as good on natural curls as it does on straighter lengths with a little styling aid, of course, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. In fact, when you generally have considerable volume in your hair, you won’t be required to do anything because your inherent curls and waves will provide mobility to the haircut. 

The Right Way

Applying a small amount of moisturizing lotion to your hair and clenching it as you need it is a big aid. This will definitely assist to ramp up the strands and give that shaggy wispiness. Many with voluminous locks with a hint of wave or curve will look fabulous with a wolf cut, which relies significantly on depth and density. To produce flow or dimension at home, straight hair will probably demand a little more style time. However, if you have fine hair that struggles to keep the body or closely wound hair that is susceptible to frizz, it is a hairstyle you should avoid. 

Is it truly possible

Take a glance at Bretman Rock should you require visual evidence. Although his spirals are significantly wavy than everyone else’, they prove that the trendy hairstyle could be worn by anybody who does not possess straightened locks. If possible, pay a visit to a specialist who possesses expertise in the hairstyle so you may have it exactly how you would like it. You can also get maintenance and style advice! However, if you prefer to go through it yourself, you could do so. There are numerous tutorials on TikTok and YouTube demonstrating ways to get this appearance by yourself with only elastic bands or hair clips, scissors, and a brush. So go ahead and give it a try. The haircut is likewise said to offer your curled locks additional thickness, so go ahead and flaunt it!

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