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Top 10 Best Brands for Men’s Trousers in India

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Are you looking for a new pair of men’s trousers brands? It can be a tiresome and even unpleasant task, as some put it. Even editors struggle to discover something that is both flattering and comfy. The never-ending search, combined with visits to stores and fitting rooms, wears you down. Moreover, it can be challenging to find the greatest formal trousers brands in India!

Who has room for all of this? But, then, when you finally find the correct pair, you discover that they’re not comfortable! You can’t go outside in your sweatpants, after all. There are festivals, meetings, holidays, parties, and many other occasions where you must look your best.

A well-dressed man exemplifies the charm of courtesy. Someone occasionally compliments people on their fashion sense. If you want to be seen in a crowd, you must stand out and stand out. The pant or trousers are an essential aspect of a man’s outfit. They can offer more attractiveness to your dressing style because of their high quality and design. In India, there are numerous brands of pants or trousers. Here, we will cover the top ten of them based on quality and popularity to assist you in selecting the finest.

Top Brands for Men’s Trousers in India

Van Heusen

Van Heusen, from Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd., is all about power clothing. Whether for shirts, men’s linen trousers, or jackets, each of their collections are just stunning.

From the cutting to the flow of the fabric to the colors, everything is ideally in sync with the season’s fashion dynamics. Their collection of trousers comes in a variety of fits to appeal to the diverse tastes of men across India.

So, whether you’re looking for formal pants for an interview, a conference, daily office wear, or a special event, you’ll discover something that will make you stand out.


Arrow, known for its traditional American style, has enjoyed a long history of patronage in India from its inception. The formal trousers in beige are made of 100 percent cotton and are suitable for formal and informal wear.

So, if you are getting ready for an evening out after work, you may dress in beige trousers. Remove your tie and untuck your shirt, and you’re set for the evening! The tapered fit makes the trousers look fashionable, and the mid-rise waistline adds to their allure.

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe offers an intriguing range of men’s wear designed just for individuals who desire quality.

The brand’s beautiful attire embodies class, grace, and status all at once. They provide an outstanding semi-formal and custom-made clothes selection in addition to a magnificent formal dress inventory.


Blackberrys, an Indian brand as great as any other foreign brand, has a unique story of origin. Started in the bylanes of Delhi in 1991, the brand now has 230 outlets in 350 locations across India! Their transformation from distributors to retailers has been as inspirational as their selection of formal and casual men’s clothes.

Park Avenue

From the house of Raymond, Park Avenue offers a superb choice of formal attire for men and women, as well as accessories. 

The company has been a forerunner in the ready-to-wear market for men. It lives up to its consumers’ expectations by providing classic men’s apparel that is ageless in design and elegance. In addition, the brand’s designs reflect the most recent worldwide fabric, styling, colour palettes, and trends.


ColorPlus, which Raymond acquired in the early 2000s, has been observed proactively focused on product innovation and unique color application to cater to the requirements of the upmarket, trend-savvy, and affluent Indian guy.

Through its network of local and online outlets, the spirited brand provides a value-for-money selection.

Peter England

Peter England was instrumental in establishing the acceptance of ready-to-wear men’s clothes in India. Aditya Birla Group launched the brand in India in 1997, and its tagline – The Honest Shirt – quickly became a household name.

Peter England is still running strong, with a strong offline and online presence, and it continues to be a top choice for many Indians when it comes to formal attire. So it’s no surprise that they have over 700 retail locations around the country.

Allen Solly

A member of Madura’s lifestyle and fashion, Allen Solly has been responsible for bringing brightness to men’s formal attire in India.

Dedicated to young people, the range is sporty yet appropriate for business and any other formal occasion. This company’s history can be traced back to the 18th century, which is reason enough for us to grasp the brand’s legacy. Allen Solly was the first Indian company to provide workwear for women in 2002.


Celio, headquartered in France, was introduced in India by the Future Group. The brand has over 1000 outlets worldwide and is present in 60 countries.

Celio’s collection is organized on the primary themes of Urban, Smart, Free, and Essential. With four groups per year, the freshness and vitality of the reader are well-maintained.

Wills Lifestyle 

Wills Lifestyle by ITC is a stylish and quality range of formal and leisure apparel for men and women. Each season, the brand releases a new collection centered on a specific concept.

Wills Lifestyle truly understands how fashion can be expanded to formal dress, from using ikkat to produce some beautiful western ensembles to bringing out the beauty of Kashmir through the designs and cuts.

When it comes to formal trousers, go with the tried-and-true — the timeless classic is always the finest. Then, combine modern and classic elements to achieve the perfect traditional look: comfortable, sophisticated, classy, and stylish.

The work culture has undergone a dynamic shift, which has significantly impacted how individuals dress for work. Unlike in the past, semi-formals and even casuals are now acceptable, removing the allure of dressing formally.

These are the best men’s trousers brands. However, owning a selection of formal pants can only enrich your wardrobe, so have this list available the next time you chose to purchase a pair of formal trousers!

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