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SocialGood App – Handing Out $100s: The Ambition of a Shop-to-Earn App’s Founder

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SocialGood App

This app allows you to get 100% discount on your favorite sites!

“Giving away a free $100 sign-up bonus!”

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These and other eye-catching Social Good app promotions are sure to grab the attention of shoppers around the world.

Currently, more than 2 million people in more than 200 countries use the Social Good app. These users interact with a “Buy to Earn” system, which allows them to shop on partner sites and earn up to 100% of their purchases in crypto rewards.

The rise in popularity of the app internationally comes at a time when interest in cashback rewards is at an all-time high. According to market survey data, 55% of shoppers prefer to get rebates or rewards online. Interest in cashback opportunities has led to the rise of several apps that offer rewards for purchases. The United States has Honey, which was acquired by PayPal for $4 billion. In Europe there is Top Cashback and RetailMeNot. Shop Back and Maya (formerly Pay Maya) are the leading cashback apps in Asia.

The market for these kinds of apps is also incredibly lucrative. Rakuten (formerly Abates), one of the largest providers of cash back services in the US, has an annual GMV of approximately $11.4 billion, backed by savings that want to shop smarter. The main source of revenue for cashback apps is advertising and fees paid by partner e-commerce sites, in exchange for the business generated by the cashback app.

Each country has its own local cashback service that has monopolized the market, leaving no room for competition. These apps give only 0.5% to 3% cash back to their users. After all, for the companies that run these apps, the money returned to users is considered a loss of the company’s own revenue. However, buyers are now demanding more generous reward rates.

That’s where the Social Good app comes in, offering shoppers up to 100% off every time they shop at eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and more through the app. These rewards are distributed in Social Good (SG), the native token of the Social Good project. SG can be traded for BTC and USDT on exchanges, and the Social Good app rewards SG holders with up to 15% APY.

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