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10 Best Online Grocery Items Stores In Pakistan During the Covid

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Online Grocery Stores

E-commerce is taking over our entire time, so why not our kitchen? Isn’t that a dream come true? You can order your groceries while you sleep. InsoCity is the grocery, medicine, fast food, electrician, plumber services with real-time delivery services. Pakistan is not well-served by E-marts. Here are the top online grocery stores in Pakistan. You can relax, unwind and go grocery shopping. The list of stores that serve groceries in Pakistan has been expanded during the quarantine. The high volume of goods will not affect your delivery. Be calm. Stay safe and stay at home

Best Online Grocery Stores Pakistan

InsoCity Home Services & Food Delivery Application

Insocity is an application that manages online deliveries. It is located in Lahore. They deliver groceries to your home in no time and provide services within 15 minutes. Ordering grocery, medicine, and fast food items online take less than 15 minutes. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or IOS Store. Shop Grocery items Online in Pakistan from InsoCity here.

QnE- Simplifying lives

QnE has everything you need, including groceries and other essentials. This is an authorized but trusted E-mart in Pakistan. It offers the highest quality products and a variety of other goods at great prices. Grocery shopping online is also possible. Its Best Online Grocery Store in Pakistan. InsoCity, however, is the best online ordering platform available in Pakistan.


Draz is well-known in Pakistan for its large range of products. But did know that Draz also owns an online grocery store. Depart has a large selection of products and you will find original brands, high-quality products. They are able to supply Pakistan with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Yayvo Superstore

Yayo.com is Pakistan’s top online grocery shop, serving all of Pakistan. Yiwu’s quality products are well-known and trusted by online customers who want to rent equipment at their homes. All your needs are met, including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as shampoos and other cleaners. All you need to order from Yiwu, and it will be delivered throughout Pakistan. There are many options for grocery shopping. You can also find FashionFashion and mobile, entertainment, computing, and beauty, as well as stationery and home appliances.


Naheed is a reliable and trustworthy e-mart, offering the best service at your doorstep across Pakistan. Naheed.PK has a complete range of grocery products. It offers the lowest prices, top-quality brands, original products as well as fast delivery. Jaws also offer discounts! Also, you can find many products in fashion, mobile phones, beauty & hair, makeup, and many other categories.


Al-Fattah is a trusted supermarket in Pakistan. They recently moved online to cater to your quarantine needs. Al-Fatah serves only limited areas in Lahore at the moment. Shop online for groceries from Al-Fatah Lahore. During quarantine, you can stay at home during quarantine.


Metro is a huge shopping site. Metro allows you to place orders online from Lahore. Metro’s online shopping center offers a way to help those affected by the coronavirus and provide groceries and other necessities. Help others and shop safe. Pakistan needs Pakistanis.

Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons is an outstanding grocery store in Pakistan. They just started delivery, given the current COVID-19 situation. Jalal sons can deliver groceries and products to your home.


Kalyana. Pk is a huge online shopping site that delivers the best products to Pakistan. Keryana is a website that allows you to buy groceries online in Pakistan. Stay at home, stay safe.


HowMuch.pk is an online grocery shop in Pakistan. You can order groceries online from your home, at great prices and with discounts on the entire bill. It might be worth a try.

These are the top online grocery shopping sites in Pakistan. I hope they will help you shop for your groceries with ease during the corona wave. You should keep your distance from the rider. After handling the products, you should wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Then, eat some edible fruits and vegetables. Finally, sterilize the packed products using spray-on sterilizers.

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